Friday, October 26, 2007

My first tiered cake

Last night, I tried my first tiered cake. It was also my first time to use marshmallow fondant (mmf), which I was able to make myself, and it tastes better than the regular rolled fondant. This is an 8 inch and 6 inch stacked (all white cake) with buttercream icing, then covered with marshmallow fondant. All accents (dots and stripes) are also mmf. This is a fun cake that would work for any occasion! It can be done in any color or pattern, or in any size! 2-tiered dots and stripes - $ 35 (serves 15-20, price includes fondant design, buttercream starts at $28)
Each tier is actually a 1-layer cake that has been cut in half and filled with icing. A 2-layer would be taller, would serve 25-30, and would be priced at $47 (includes fondant, buttercream starts at $40)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Barrel of Leaves

Barrel of Leaves - Approx. $50, depending on size and servings needed
I decorated this cake for a neighborhood get-together. I looked for ideas for fall cakes and loved the look of the leaves. Although you can't see the cake, it is a 4-layer devil's food with chocolate buttercream icing. The whole cake is covered with a fondant barrel and lots of fondant leaves. This project was very time consuming, but lots of fun!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oval with cornelli lace

This is a cake I made for my grandmother's birthday today. It is a 2-layer oval with all buttercream icing, buttercream roses, rope border, and cornelli lace.

Oval with cornelli lace detail - $20 (serves 10-12)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Electric Guitar

Here is my latest creation. This cake was done for my brother's birthday and is fashioned after a Les Paul guitar. The cake is covered in fondant with all fondant accents.

Les Paul guitar - (serves 25-30)

Close-up of guitar body

Little Princess

This is a cake I decorated for my friend's daughter's 3rd birthday. This was also my first time using fondant. The body was iced in buttercream. The head, shoes, arms, and hands were made using fondant. The accents (bow, bracelets, etc.) were all fondant as well.

The "Little Princess" - $45 (serves 25-30)
Close-up of face and hair

Close-up of fondant arms, bracelets, and bow

Over the Hill

For my aunt's 50th birthday, I made an "Over the Hill" cake. The signs start with the birthdate, then go up to 50 at the top of the hill. This is a 9x13 cake iced in buttercream and chocolate buttercream, with a shell border.
Over the Hill - $30 (serves 16-24)

The other side of the hill shows dirt (chocolate buttercream) with (candy) rocks

Fancy Flowers

In Wilton Course 2, we used Royal Icing throughout the course to make flowers. The cake shown here was our "Grand Finale" cake, which used all of the flowers we learned to make. I also think a simple white cake using one or two of your favorite types of flowers would make a nice elegant birthday or anniversary cake. The flowers on this cake include roses, daffodils, pansies, violets, apple blossoms, chrysanthemums, daisies, and primroses.

9-inch 2-layer round, Buttercream iced with Royal Icing flowers

(Serves 18-24, Price based on number and types of flowers used)

Side view showing basketweave with rope border

Close-up of several flowers: daffodil, daisy, pansy, primrose, and violet

Rose Bouquet

After making Hayden's birthday cake, I started taking cake decorating classes. This is a cake I made in Wilton Course 1 to practice roses and basketweave. This cake is a 9-inch round iced in buttercream. Rose Bouquet- $28 (serves 18-24)

First Birthday

Here is my son's first birthday cake. This was the first cake I decorated other than simple round cakes I made for family birthdays. The cake was half chocolate and half white, with all buttercream frosting.

Baby Einstein caterpillar - (serves 35-40)

The cake below is a simple 6-inch round 2-layer cake, which is a perfect individual cake for your little one to dig into. This was the cake we used for our son's one-year photography session.

Individual cake for the birthday boy or girl